I had several good conversations today, and I attended the UU settling ceremony of Reverend Scott Rudolph as our permanent minister. I have been reading and thinking about the obesity problem of present-day humanity and what I can do about it. The problem is obvious and the solution is also obvious, but the way to bring these things into being is obscure. There are vast amounts of money and inertia invested in the current way of doing things. All of that would be okay except that it is bringing humanity into a condition of unnecessarily shortened life expectancy and a less pleasant life leading to that departure.

I have already failed at all of my projects even though I felt they were important. The EarthArk is of existential importance for humanity and many other species too and I spent quite a lot of effort on that, but it went nowhere. And the several months of effort trying to work with a local group of people to make their organization flourish totally failed. There are many more of these kinds of things, but they are now meaningless to me and to everyone else, so why bother to even list them?

My recent conversations with the UU labyrinth rocks have been enlightening in that they brought into perfect clarity my temporariness in time, smallness in size and my triviality in purpose to the grander scale of things. So, I am thrown back into an existential philosophical funk and am forced to generate my own purposes and meanings. I am practiced at that, but the effort has an inherent limitation because anything I create as value can instantly be voided of its value. Thus the value is meaningless unless I choose to give it meaning. That feels like a soaring into the sky, sometimes, and sometimes a swirling into a bottomless abyss.

It is impossible for anything to have permanent meanings so I, and we, must choose to be satisfied with the temporary ones.