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This morning J and I had a great conversation developing ideas of how to make our world into a wonderful place for all of us to live more fully. We thought about ways of developing the strategy for finding and revealing exact places for everyone to visit. It became obvious to us that it must be done through money-making channels because that is the way that ideas become widespread. If something is free it isn’t valued, it is only exploited. If something can’t be sold it isn’t worth anything.

The idea of selling the exact points in our world for having beautiful experiences seems as absurd as selling Pet Rocks and yet that is exactly what people are looking for and therefore there is a market for the information we will be marketing. We have been discussing this problem for several months and I’ve blogged about it as spiritual spots, but there is more to the idea than just locating spiritual places because there is much more to living than having spiritual experiences.

I have already been doing what I was proposing to J this morning and after our coffee-shop conversation, we went to a couple of these special places. And we stood there and experienced their special qualities. He then took me to a few exact places nearby that he felt had the qualities I was talking about. The world is loaded with these special places and Google Earth already has photographs of vast numbers of them, and as we document them in our special way they will become even more available to everyone. This is a way to help the people of Earth become happier, healthier, wiser wealthier and kinder. It will become kinder because this is a way for everyone to share beautiful experiences.

Our wonderful world is about to become even more wonderful.