In addition to my daily fast of not eating between 6 PM and 12 noon, I skipped a whole day of eating until 11:40 AM. That was twenty minutes earlier than scheduled, but I had a meeting to go to at noon and didn’t want to put off eating until 2 PM. It would have been easy to have waited but it seemed that I had proven that a 42 hour fast was not only possible but easy. The apparent reason it was so easy was that my body was already comfortable with a year-long daily 18 hour fast.

Today my body weight dropped to 155.8 pounds which is the lowest it has been since I was running marathons. At that time it was down to about 150 pounds. Yesterday I wrote the goal was 156.2 pounds with the libration weight being one pound. That is, my goal is to bounce between 155.2 and 157.2 and by that standard, it would make sense to lose another 0.6 pounds and then to occasionally bounce back up off that lower weight. It makes sense to hit and hold the slightly lower weight for a week or perhaps a month so my body will create that weight as its self-regulating set point. I have been above that ideal BMI weight for over forty years and my body may have forgotten what my ideal is because of my modest but many indiscretions.

When that condition is attained and maintained the aim is to do whatever is necessary to make my habits as routine as possible so I never have the slightest thought or struggle to maintain that ideal BMI of 23.41.

Setting a precise goal makes it easy to know what to do next.