I have been doing a daily 16-hour fast since November 2016 and have now lost 24.2 pounds with my present goal in flux again. When my calculations were done on August 13, 2017, in an effort to answer the question, “What is an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index)?” it would be a BMI = 23.41, which for 5’8½ inches would be 156.2 pounds. Back then that weight seemed impossible, but now that is only 2 pounds below my current weight of 158.2 pounds, so it can probably be stabilized in a month or two. The style of intermittent fasting that I have been using is pure simplicity so it will be no problem doing it for another month.

However, last week Debbie and I decided to do a whole day fast this day to experience what most people think of as a fast. Our last meal was finished at 6 PM yesterday and we won’t be eating again until noon tomorrow. It is now 10:30 PM and I haven’t been hungry yet, and after finishing this blog post and watching Steven Colbert it will be bedtime for me. So far there is nothing to report except there is nothing to report. Our bodies seem to be comfortable with a longer intermittent fast and it seems they know we will be eating soon.

This morning I facilitated a discussion with about twenty people where I started the conversation with a question: “What does Self-Actualization mean to you and how do we manifest these kinds of ideas in our daily lives? And, does it make any sense at all to try to apply these kinds of aspirations to humanity itself, as a species, and to life itself as a natural phenomenon?” The conversation went quite well even though the question was abstruse and hit a couple of quiet periods where it was necessary for me to get the ball rolling again. Perhaps the conversation was intriguing because everyone stayed for personal conversations after the official two-hour meeting ended.

Weatherwise, it was a mild day and Debbie and I had a couple of pleasant walks with no hunger.