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These last fourteen months Debbie and I have been dieting. It has been incredibly easy and totally successful, and therefore it is only fair that we share it with the world. Both of us have lost close to two pounds every month. We have used the WeightGURUS app on our phones to track our progress and it has been very helpful for maintaining our attention on our progress. It is a game that we play every day and only win about once a week. That is, we only have a new low about once a week because there is almost a one pound variability day to day; thus there must be about a half a pound loss to show up at a weekly level. However, that does consistently average about two pounds per month and twenty pounds per year. I have gone from BMI of about 28, which is above the recommended 25, down to BMI of 22, which is near ideal. I am intending to librate at 158 pounds. That means sometimes my weight will go as low as 157 and sometimes as high as 159. At the moment it means I am flattening out my diet and aiming to see 157 in about a month or two and bounce just a little.

A fantastic diet needs an easy name, a memorable logo, a person who knows the diet works, and the good idea to present. I have all of those things right now and can easily assemble them into a presentation. They only need a launch location, and I have already contacted two places which are available to me for free.

All that is needed is for me to say, “I’ll do it.”