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There are intriguing places in the physical world and in the intellectual world as well and often these can come to exact points. These points will have an environment in which they live and which they can not live without, but they are there and I want to locate them with precision. A physical place that fulfills this aspiration is the small room at the top of the Washington Monument in Washington DC, lat/lon 38.8894, -77.0352. There are four small windows, so small that only one person can comfortably look out any one of them at a time. Out one is the White House; opposite it is the Jefferson Memorial; perpendicular to these are the Lincoln Monument and across from that the Congressional building.

View West from the room at the top of the Washington Monument and there is the Lincoln Memorial.

There are many events that could have been viewed from this window; for example, King gave his speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Standing and looking out that window one can look and reminisce about those bygone things, and things to come too.

There are specific intellectual moments embedded even in the great works of literature of the world. Shakespeare has his moments, like Hamlet’s soliloquy, embedded in the context of the whole play, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” In science, there is the infinitely important formula E=MC² by Einstein.

To stand at the base of Michelangelo’s Pieta of Mary holding her dead son Jesus in her lap must be a moment of memory.

Michelangelo’s Pieta – in the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

These are examples of places of great interest and are intriguing, but there must be places throughout the world where there is an exact point where one may stand and have a better experience than if they stood just a few steps away. My idea is to have these places noted and marked so that others may quickly go to the exact point and at least have the opportunity of perceiving the ideal experience. I have already created a list based on The World Heritage sites but there are vastly more places worth noting.

The exact points within our world can be intriguing, powerful, energizing, beautiful, fascinating and obsessing. Let’s experience life while we have the opportunity!