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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Without enthusiasm, you will fail; it’s that simple.

The ability to create enthusiasm is the essential ability for a leader of dogs and people.

Enthusiasm comes from seeing a great benefit coming from an available behavior.

With enthusiasm, everything becomes easy and doable, and without it everything is difficult and tedious.

Enthusiasm makes repetitious tasks pleasurable.

Enthusiasm sees problems as challenges.

Enthusiasm sees solutions to problems and reveals ways to get there.

Enthusiasm is the ultimate collection of positive emotions and its finest expression is found in kind actions.

When something that needs to be done is clearly beyond the physical possibility of being done, then you must focus your enthusiasm on what can be done.

Enthusiasm is contagious but it must be expressed and received by others to be communicated.

Enthusiasm can be associated with anything, even foolish things, and that is where it generally finds its most popular home.

Great excesses of good and evil come from great enthusiasms.

Happiness with life and enthusiasm for one’s work are found in having a great purpose that is clearly approached every day.

We need people competing with our efforts to goad us to enthusiasm.

We need an energized person to make the cure for our suffering into a beautiful and attainable goal that we can do things to help make real.

The creator of enthusiasms must care to direct the actions of his followers to good ends.

When a leader creates enthusiasm in people he creates those who believe they are gods who can do only good things.