The version of TimeSquared posted yesterday was printed up and shown to some career-long professional artist friends of mine. They liked it better than the images created last week because they thought the ones using the sands of time flowing through the symbol created an illustration rather than a logo or an icon. I agreed and out of that conversation came the double loop now named TimeSquared. The original image was of the infinity of time represented by the ∞ intersected with an hourglass of present time represented by the 8, (∞+8). Those two symbols, when overlapped and drawn as identical and truncated just a bit, worked well to symbolize the evanescent qualities of time but the symbol didn’t feel very unique to me. When they were joined together and doubled into a Moebius strip figure they were more visually exciting and when they were then shaped into a toned 3D it became easier to read them as an eye-exciting visually flowing entity.

I searched the web to see if there was anything like it but found nothing. The TimeSquared figure appears to me to be almost as iconic an image as a simple circle so there must be some usage of it somewhere. Stones were added to the corners of the basic image as markers for “Wonderful World Sites”, intended to be pressed down for usage as more permanent markers. The loop part of the symbol might just be drawn into the surface and easily weathered away leaving only the four stones.

One of my artist friends saw those stone symbols as heads on the shoulders of the loop figure so I moved them to the space between the loops. They were then moved out to the corners forming a squared figure. The basic figures when they were all fattened up took on a Mapplethorpe-like quality which is mildly erotic.

This progression of a symbol is intended as an illustration of the evolution of an idea. It shows how one thing which works okay evolves into something that works better and then on to something that works even better and on through numerous iterations to become something that functions even better than all the earlier forms.

TimeSquared iconic symbol

How the TimeSquared logo came into existence.