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In my spare time, which is all of my time, I have been thinking and working on what might be called the Wonderful World Project. The idea is to find particularly beautiful places in this world and notate them in such a way that people can find them and experience their beauty. Of course, there are already many efforts to do this, like the thousand World Heritage sites and the Google Earth photo views which can be spectacular and readily accessed. The tiny difference with this idea is that it could be done with care to identify the perfect spot within a location. Not just the photo ideal spot but the spiritually enlivening spot where one can place themselves and experience something special, something potentially life-changing.

Of course, every place on Earth, and perhaps every place in the whole Universe can be this special kind of place. Perhaps I am limited but there are exact spots where I pause for a moment almost every week and look around and think, “Isn’t this a wonderful world?” Sometimes the spot is visually beautiful and brings a pleasurable smile to my face, but sometimes it is a melancholy place. When philosophizing about such things it comes to my mind that every emotion listed in the dictionary and grouped in the thesaurus into various categories might have ideal spiritual spots. Certainly, the spot under the Work will set you free sign over the entrance to Auschwitz concentration camp will stimulate many emotions that are human. I am a human and I suppose that to have had a fully human life, it would make sense to have experienced all the emotions, even the extremely unpleasant ones.

What I was coming to with this idea is that these special places could have a unique identity marker. These could be generally located with a smartphone app and then exactly located with a local physical marker.

Last month I created several logo-like symbols representing the infinity of time and one of those was a horizontal infinity symbol intersected vertically with an hourglass symbol. That morphed over a few iterations that were overlapping into a sort of Mobius strip and then into a combination that looked rather like a double looped rope. That symbol would be okay for the unique identifying marker but it might be too much and so I have been thinking about drawing that symbol into the dirt and then placing local stones at each corner. The symbol would soon vanish but the stones would remain and be unobtrusive and unnoticed except by people searching for them. A doubled loop with corner ballsHere is the symbol and it needs a name. The symbol is derived from the infinity symbol for the infinity of time and the hourglass for the momentary passage of time. These are combined with markers at the corners signifying the marking of the place with obscure but permanent stones. Because the two different symbols for time are interwoven within the symbol it seems reasonable to name it TimeSquared.

Everyone can be spiritually elevated when in special places.