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The school shooting in Florida where 17 people were killed is a tragedy that could be documented in such a way that these horrible acts could be made so vivid in the public eye that they would cease. Currently, there are public outcries but they are falling on deaf ears of the people who are writing the laws controlling guns and the resultant gun violence. I presented an idea today to the Better Question Club and it did get some support, but when I presented to another group later they hated it.

I got a list of the people killed and read it out loud but in a special way, a symbolic way that emphasized their individual death. In a dim room, I took a standard butane cigarette lighter and holding it up toward the viewer lit it and held the flame for half a second and pronounced their name. I held it another second  and then released the lever and as the flame died said, “Murdered with a gun while at school.” I continued holding the lighter up and in another second lit it and said another name. I held it for a second and then let it die and said, “Murdered with a gun while at school.” I continued this procedure through all 17 names of people murdered while at school there in Florida.

It is possible that this ritual could be performed routinely all over the world when people were murdered with guns and perhaps a whole stadium of people could do this act in unison. That would send a message, but it is doubtful it would be heard.

Only the fear of being voted out of office has any effect on a politician.