Today was a blizzard of activity for me and it all turned out up to my standards of quality. That standard is that if an ordinary observer of my work can’t see any imperfections at half their normal viewing distance that is good enough. There is no use in spending an infinity of time on things that only a critic searching for flaws will find. There will inevitably be things that could have been different and those could be called flaws, or shortcomings or even foolish things. Critics have to get their pay, or self-esteem, by finding faults. It is an occupation that has its rewards but I suspect that when these people reach old age they find themselves living with a very unpleasant companion. Themselves.

I got quite a lot done today but one thing was a conversation with myself. The idea of creating sites where spiritual or at least wonderful experiences can be had became more vivid for me and a thing that should be pursued. The “What a wonderful world!” site is a thing that can uplift every person. It can uplift the poet, the traveler, the indigent and every other person on their life path. The journey is the thing and if a multitude of wonderful sites can be documented journeys can be made from one inspiring place to another inspiring place.

What could be a better life than journeying from one inspiring place to another inspiring place? “What a wonderful world!”