One of the things that would be wonderful for our Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades to do would be to note the many beautiful places in our world. It would be easy to do! Many, perhaps most, of our members go hiking in our beautiful wilderness areas, and as they travel about they could note the special places where the view is particularly beautiful. These days it is very easy to document them because our cell phones can automatically put the latitude and longitude on the photographs we take. What we could do is rather like the World Heritage Sites, which has already located over a thousand special places. I documented them into a single site back in 2010. Here is a set of links.


Afghanistan – Albania – Algeria – Andorra – Argentina – Argentina – Armenia –Australia – Austria – Azerbaijan – Bahrain – Bangladesh – Belarus – Belgium – Belize – Benin – Bolivia – Bosnia – Botswana – Brazil – Bulgaria – Cambodia – Cameroon – Canada – Central Africa – Chile – China – Columbia – Costa Rica – Cote d’Ivoire – Croatia – Cuba – Cyprus – Czech – Democratic Congo – Denmark – Dominica – Dominican Republic – Ecuador – Egypt – El Salvador – Estonia – Ethiopia – Finland – France – Gabon – Gambia – Georgia – Germany – Ghana – Greece – Guatemala – Guinea– Haiti – Holy See Vatican – Honduras – Hungary – Iceland – India –Indonesia – Iran – Iraq – Ireland – Israel – Italy – Japan – Jerusalem – Jordan –Kazakhstan – Kenya – Korea-North – Korea-South – Laos – Latvia – Lebanon – Libya – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Madagascar – Malawi – Malaysia – Mali – Malta – Mauritania – Mauritius – Mexico – Moldova – Mongolia – Montenegro – Morocco – Mozambique – Namibia – Nepal – Netherlands – New Zealand – Nicaragua – Niger – Norway – Oman – Pakistan – Panama – Papua – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines – Poland – Portugal – Romania – Russia – Saint Kitts – Santa Lucia – San Marino – Saudi Arabia – Senegal – Serbia – Seychelles – Slovakia – Spain – Solomon Islands – South Africa – Sir Lanka – Sudan – Suriname – Sweden – Switzerland – Syria –Tanzania – Thailand – Togo – Tunisia – Turkey – Turkmenistan – Uganda – Ukraine – United Kingdom – United States – Uruguay – Uzbekistan – Vanuatu – Venezuela – Viet Nam – Yemen – Zambia – Zimbabwe –

What I am proposing now for our spiritual group is to find local places that have the ability to reveal spiritual experiences to people. Many of the World Heritage Sites are natural wonders and others are human wonders and all are spectacular in their special way and all of them can bring on a wow feeling. However, what I am proposing is much simpler and more mundane.

The new goal is for every person in the world to be able to easily go to places near where they live and have a spiritually inspiring experience. For billions of people that means walking because they don’t have transportation available to them. No doubt there are special places like these everywhere, and, with the right mental attitude, every place can be a spiritually uplifting place. People often require a special something that can be provided by a special view and that special view requires special circumstances like sunset lighting or patchy white clouds with late-day lighting. So the documentation for the special site should include the special circumstances to attain the right experience.

Sunday 11:20 AM I was walking along a path at lat/lon 44.0515, -121.3624 where I smoothed the path and wrote the words “What a wonderful world.”

A photograph taken at the UU site in Bend, Oregon

What a wonderful world.

This was a simple site to document. I simply smoothed the trail enough to write those words into the dirt.

Earlier I had paused at the opening of the labyrinth lat/lon 44.0510, -121.3622 and asked a question. “How do you stones see me?”A labyrinth in Bend Oregon I was humbled by the stones’ telling me how temporary I am and that they existed long before I did and will exist long after I have totally vanished. That was a spiritual experience!

What a wonderful world!

We can do simple things to document special places all over the world.