I am a spirit that is eternal! I hear that idea proclaimed by someone at almost every so-called serious meeting. It seems to come from the idea that if you can think a thought it must have some reality behind it. That thought seems dependent on Saint Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430) who wrote,  Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. If you can have faith that your spirit is eternal, even though you can not physically perceive it in the moment to be true, you can see it in your mind in this moment to be true and therefore it is true in this moment to you. Also, as every moment of life is a moment where a person can bring this idea into their mind, that proves it to be true because it is always there.

Ralph Raphael, a decade’s long friend of mine back in Berkeley, California, said many times to me that he was eternal and would never die. Probably from his perspective that was true and is still true. For me, however, he did die. It is sad for me to think of it and I still remember him almost daily because people will often say as a courtesy, “How are you?” and I answer with enthusiasm, “Fantastic!” I say this because Ralph would always answer with that word and with much greater enthusiasm than I can muster. But the processes of life caught up with him and his consciousness vanished years ago, but I doubt that he is aware of its not being here anymore. Thus, the last time he thought he would live forever he was still right.

It is similar with the people whom I encounter who claim they will live forever; they usually amend that claim with “it is their spirit that is the eternal part of them.” I don’t bother to argue the nuance with them because like with Ralph it will always be true for them. To be conscious of an error that you have made you must be conscious of it, and a physically dead person isn’t conscious. Why bother to discuss something with someone who refuses to view facts from your point of view when from their point of view they are right.

They are eternal if they choose to believe they are and will never be proven to be wrong by discussion or by a fact only available to my consciousness after their death.