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My conversation with the labyrinth stones yesterday ended with my realization of not only how very tiny I am compared to the Universe but once again how very tiny my time as a conscious being is also. That insignificance was soon coupled with my fellow humans being very temporary also and even life itself here on our planet an itty bitty thing compared to it all. So what? So what to do? What am I and we to do with our insignificant time, space, matter, energy, and consciousness?

It has been asserted by people who research old human beings nearing their death and asking them what brought them happiness that the key factors were having a larger purpose for their lives and chief among these was helping other people. That’s just fine, and it can leave them feeling they have done something more permanent than passing time exclusively in their own personal pleasures. That life energy passed on to those other people who live beyond them, and to their children who live beyond them with their heritage will soon be gone too, swallowed up into the vastness of the universe. That problem must be obvious to them, but they can easily say to themselves that they are part of a process that continues forward in some postulated significance, but that too is swallowed up into the universe.

Some people choose to believe the myths of various forms of an afterlife, such as going to a permanent heaven or being reincarnated in another form. They choose to believe they can guarantee their entrance into these lovely conditions by giving lots of money to those who claim to possess special powers for this miraculous transfer. We must suppose it works for these people because they continue giving their money and at their demise often give everything they had to one of those institutions.

Does the universe care one tiny speck? It’s doubtful because it never seems to have sent us conscious beings an unambiguous message. It would be easy to do. Even a simple radio signal. Even our tiny Voyager satellite a billion miles away is sending us a message. It would be infinitely more difficult to send a total human being, but that’s the only way it has been done. At least that’s what is asserted.

Let all of that pass and come back to what we should do that has some significance to our conscious being and ask – Time is long, life is short, the universe is really big and we are very small – so what should we do? Just being happy in the moment is some people’s answer, and so they just move from one smile to the next smile because smiling makes them feel good. That works because there is a linkage from the controllable facial muscles to the pleasure centers of the brain and if we move our face into a smile we feel happy. We can voluntarily force ourselves to laugh and that too makes us feel happy. But I suspect that doing these things for a few seconds without some legitimate cause will leave anyone who does it feeling empty and if they persist for a long while feeling depressed. Perhaps the best we can do is simply to participate in the opportunities that present themselves to us.

My bath water has stabilized by now so I’m going to bathe for a while.