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I’ve been working on various things for the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades for a couple of months. I was given the task or rewriting the membership application form, but my attempts at writing one based on the previous one that had been used for a long time were totally unacceptable to me. There were too many demands for unattainable promises to be kept. I did my best to ameliorate those problems, but I couldn’t do it and still remain true to the people whom I am supposed to be representing and the possible new members who would be required to sign the document.

I solved my problem by including a short quote from the legal document required for our group’s non-profit status that satisfied my needs for accuracy. Fortunately, it was sufficiently noncommittal about the demands on our membership to be reasonable. 

I then attached that quote from our legal document to the bottom of the text of our standard folder, which includes a statement about our goals and which is passed out at every meeting, and then added the identification statement at the bottom –

Become a voting member
Name _
Signature _             Date _
email_                    Phone_

I think this will be acceptable to everyone and won’t alienate potential members with impossible demands.