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The Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades

The mission is to provide a time and place for helping
us to fulfill the many purposes we find in our lives.

These include:
– exploring the divine aspects of nature to help us thrive.
– discussing the existential problems of our being.
– helping one another find purposes for our lives.
– exploring those things that will help our purpose.
– focusing our attention on honing our habits.
– creating inspiring views of Our Wonderful World

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Inside of the back cover

A Vision of Our Opportunities
Let us thrive and make our world into a place where all
beings can live a full life. The journey to that goal begins
by cultivating kind relationships with ourselves and with
all living beings. When we choose to create kind actions
for them in our outer world, and love for ourselves in our
inner world, we will all be helped to thrive. Let us also help
the physical world we live within to be healthy.
Spiritual Living in a Material World
When we help others it becomes easier for our spirit, health
and longevity to become fulfilled. We can see that our kind
acts help others to grow in vigor, prosperity, wisdom and
contentment. We can see that helping others helps us
to be kinder to our own self. To reinforce our positive
actions and grow in spirit, we intentionally smile as we
voluntarily perform helpful acts.
The Material World
The foundations of our existence are:
The matter that embodies us,
The space that enfolds us,
The energy that empowers us, and
The time that encourages us to prompt action!
These natural things support our life and spirit.
Our Bylaws Membership Statement
A member of The Spiritual Awareness Community of the
Cascades shall endeavor to live in accord with the universal
principles of love taught by Jesus Christ, Buddha, and other
spiritual masters. The member shall further the work of this
Spiritual Community through active interest, love, support
and involvement.

I was asked to add the bylaws of Membership Statement to the text I had developed over the last month. It has a different feel but it was thought desirable to have a membership application as part of the cover document, which always contains the current hand-out papers, so people can easily become voting members.

Being in a group requires some accommodations.