On a reading of yesterday’s post, it was recognized by J as being too egocentric. Every bulleted item in the old Covenant began with the word “I,” and that word was generating the feeling of exclusiveness. The stated goal of this spiritual community is to be inclusive, and therefore that self-centering word had to be dropped. Simply replacing “I” with “we” helped some but made the meaning more abstract and difficult to state clearly. This month the entire SACC group identity is in a state of total reanalysis, and a rewrite of its operating strategy and symbolism is in progress. The following statement will be presented as a starting point for our next meeting’s discussion.

The Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades welcomes you to join us as a voting member. Our goal is to create a community of love, kindness, and personal growth.
               Our efforts are toward achievable goals.
We seek to change only that which clearly needs improving.
We will give and accept spiritual help with and from our SACC companions.
We will listen attentively to other members’ experiences and wisdom, and speak truthfully of our own.
We will seek the core spirit of our being and help others to find theirs too so we all may all become more humane and bountiful.
We will participate with SACC in ways that will help our greater community to flourish.
We will contribute voluntarily to support all of our necessary services.
We will speak honestly of SACC and its goals of helping people to thrive and resolve all issues to everyone’s benefit.
We will seek to give help to others and to accept help when appropriate.
We will give SACC time and money but we are not bound by signing this document to give any financial or other gifts.
We will obey our own conscience as to what we will reveal about our personal beliefs.
We will share our spiritual discoveries with SACC members when we feel it will help our mutual quests.
We will cooperate with SACC members and the powers beyond our personal existence to help our community thrive.
We will acknowledge that our participation in SACC helps us to honor our higher being, our fellow humans, and all reality.
We will honor the energizing spirit of our Universe.
We invite you to become a voting member of SACC and help us to thrive.
Name __                                      Date __
Address __                                   Signature __
Phone __                                      e-mail updates about SACC __
E-mail __                                      How did you discover SACC? __

The write and rewrite of the Membership Covenant seen above were not satisfactory to me. That is stating it mildly. There is a need for a vastly more positive approach to the opportunities these people presently have offered to them.

People were asked in the Pew Survey Report about their existential views, and about a quarter claimed that they are not religious in outlook but spiritual. But they can’t say much about what that consists of and how to define it. There is presently a need to define real-world attainable goals that will make these nonreligious people’s lives meaningful. That is done by making it obvious to them that their lives are important to the rest of us. That their life and work is a form of kindness and that their kindness is valued and appreciated by all of those people downstream in the events of the world. The Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades folder-cover outlines the general strategy for doing this and this group is in a position to make it into reality.

The world society needs each person because only they can do what they do at the time that they do it.