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The Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades welcomes you to join us as a voting member. Our goal is to create a community of love, kindness and personal growth.

Here is our covenant of achievable goals.

I will not ask others to do more than I am willing to do.
I will give and accept spiritual help with and from my SACC companions.
I will listen attentively to other members’ experiences and wisdom, and speak truthfully of my own.
I will seek the core spirit of my being and help others to find theirs so we all may all become more bountiful.
I will participate with SACC in ways that will help our community flourish.
I will contribute voluntarily to support our necessary services.
I will speak honestly of SACC and its goals of helping people to thrive and resolve issues to everyone’s benefit.
I will seek help and give help when appropriate.
I will give to SACC of my time and money but I am not bound by signing this document to any financial or other gifts to SACC.
I will obey my own conscience as to what I will reveal about my personal beliefs.
I will share my spiritual discoveries with SACC members when I feel it will help our journey through our lives together.
I will cooperate with SACC members and the powers beyond our personal existence to help our community thrive.
I will acknowledge that my participation in SACC helps me to honor my higher being, my fellow humans, and all reality.
I will honor the energizing spirit of our Universe.

We invite you to become a voting member of SACC and help us to thrive.

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