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This evening I presented my view of where our new organization could make some real contributions to our members, to our local community and to the world as a whole. The talk was directed at detailing the reasons for the various aspects of the information folder. Above is both front and back of the cover showing the iconic graphics of the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. On the inside of the cover there is an infinity symbol which is pinched between the points of a symbolic hourglass. This design was intended to focus the viewer’s attention on the fact that time is infinitely long but the moments of our personal action are only in the present moment of now.

I read the entire text from the inside of the cover and it was well received; at least there were only a few suggestions for subtle improvements. I thought there was plenty of feeling for promoting the growth of personality and the inner spirit, but the line “Provide an open non-judgmental platform for unlimited spiritual expansion” was suggested. When we discussed that, we decided the buzz word non-judgmental could be dropped because it was redundant to “open platform”.

Also, on reading it aloud to fifteen people, the new concept line “To reward and reinforce our positive actions we smile to ourselves at the moment of our success” needed restating. At the moment the new wording is “To reward and thus to reinforce the positive actions we have made, we can intentionally smile to ourselves at the moment of our completion of the good deed.” The idea is that we have some voluntary control of our facial expressions and when we intentionally smile our mind is stimulated, and thus our reward centers are rewarded. It is a form of voluntary Pavlovian-like control over our own stimulus-response reward system.

This method combined with the other voluntary facial expressions may bring about a real control for learning new habits.