I am buried in data! Thousands of books (Ha, Ha … you’ll never read us all!) – I probably won’t even open one percent of them. Hundreds perhaps of gallery-worthy photos and hand-worked graphic pictures too, that are ready to go. They will never been seen by anyone again, probably even me. They would look great printed up in the new acrylic facing method, without framing. Framing typically costs more than the prints. If I were rich I would just send them to the right people and be done with them.

3746 blog posts as of today and many of them on things that are already ready to bundle up into books and send to a publisher. I get off into a subject and write a lot about it and then move on. Much of those things are ordinary subjects like the stuff on philosophers, but some of it is weird by any standards like the proofs that Jack the Ripper is Conan Doyle and that Doyle is the author of many other real crimes.

And much, much more, but over the last several weeks a strange opportunity has percolated up into my world. People are asking me to become the president of the local Spiritual Awareness Community. This group has been exploring the fringes of reality and that is why I became interested. They have discovered some things that would bear scientific scrutiny, although the vast majority is little more than projections of forlorn hopes that their lives are more meaningful than their reality. If I take over the job of leading the direction of the charge, it will be to find the spiritual core of normal reality. There are many options to be explored but the goal is to make people’s lives meaningful in a way that isn’t based on fantasy hopes and pathological lies.

I can say with deep feeling about our reality, “What a wonderful world. What a wonderful world!”