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There are 33 personality theories on Wikipedia. This is a great site for getting an overview of formalized personality systems, and yet those systems didn’t seem to be as predictive of functional behavior as the simple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE test). Nor were they as helpful for suggesting behavior as my simple Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE test), which are suggestions for parental actions based on reversing the ACE test.

Predicting group behavior is probably not much better than predicting individual behavior, and yet we are required to make instant judgments whenever we are in public. In both personal and social situations we are constantly at the so-called fork in the road, right here at the moment called now.

What is it that we all react to in the instant? We react to how the person expresses themselves, and that is mostly based on visual appearance and verbal behavior. As the old ad says, “We judge a man by his clothes,” the style, the apparent expense, the cleanliness, the wear, the appropriateness to the situation. There are many other indicators of what an individual chooses to be but …

We judge people by their expressions of their life choices.