We live in a wonderful world and there are many places from which it could be held in reverence. I almost said in quiet reverence, but then there are places of constant and overwhelming noise as at the bottom of the great waterfalls of the world. There are places I have never been that are said to be absolutely quiet most of the time but occasionally break into a wild cacophony of bird sounds. There are other Stygian places where bats spend their days, but where there could be a specially defined place of spiritual observation.

Of course, many specially defined places of this type are already in existence in the Old World but not many here in Central Oregon. That brings a note of melancholy to me because there are many tourists who come here from all over the world to experience our natural beauty. Many of those places in the Old World are now revered as holy places, such as Delphi, Greece, and for thousands of years, people have gone there for spiritual guidance for their mundane lives.

What I am thinking of is not to create religious sites, but to place simple stone benches or platforms, portals for viewing the wonders of nature that are to be viewed from that location. The only thing that would be even a little special about these sites is a statement carved into the local stones such as, “What a wonderful world.”

There is an infinity of places, perhaps every place, where one could stand and say with deep feeling, “What a wonderful world.”