I haven’t done much but here are a few little things I did do that have had some effect. While at college at WSU in Pullman I also attended the Ethical Culture Society’s Encampment for Citizenship in New York where I got to talk briefly to Eleanor Roosevelt. A week later I spent an hour with J. Robert Oppenheimer at his home and invited him to speak at WSU. For that act, I was kicked out of AFROTC. They readmitted me because I had done extremely well on their other measures. I graduated at the top of my class in the Air Force flight school class 59H and became a pilot. Against my will, I ended up assigned to B-47 bombers and assigned to carry H-bombs. I resigned seven times insisting that the policy of dropping H-bombs on a city would be a foolish war crime. After some major threats, they sent me away with a General Discharge which reverted to Honorable in five years if I didn’t get into trouble.

I went to Berkeley, California, and lived there for fifty years and where I was in Sproul Hall for the Free Speech Movement. That had international effects that made it okay for students to have political events on US campuses, even to this day. Then Governor Ronald Reagan brought out the military to shut down free speech. I was instrumental in getting the Berkeley Barb newspaper started as the most progressive newspaper on the West Coast. In a separate event, I turned over the first shovelful of dirt in the People’s Park movement, which Reagan fought against, ordering a police response that resulted in one person being killed and many serious injuries. Reagan lost that conflict too, and People’s Park is still there. I might sound like a radical but I only struggle for reasonable things and a small proof of that is that the Berkeley Chief of Police Bruce Baker when he moved on to become the Chief of Police of Portland wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for me.

I’ve been here in Bend since buying a house seven years ago and have written a daily blog and I now have 3,740 posts and 1.7 million views. Probaway – Life Hacks ~ Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully. I may not have attended any esoteric groups other than the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades, but I have thought and written a lot about becoming a better person in a better society.

As a speaker, I was asked to write a bio for the Spiritual Awareness Community