It is difficult deciding what course of action will bring about the most desirable results. It takes the wisdom of experience coupled with some forethought to know what a good outcome will be. It also takes a different set of wise thoughts to ferret out some paths that will be workable to get to where you think will be a proper final goal. An important consideration in all these thoughts and undertakings is the people involved that will be affected. The people whose lives will be bodily impacted, whose property will be used and abused, whose time during the events will be consumed, whose life, property and time will be distorted by the new arrangements. All those things would be considered by a wise person.

When all the factors are considered there will be confusion even for brilliant minds because there is ultimately an infinity of decision points affecting other decision points all of which are influenced by each other and by unknowable random factors which will also affect what will happen. It is impossible to make a perfect decision and create a perfect outcome, and therefore some filter must be applied to get through to the goal that creates the maximum good and minimum harm.

Ultimately the goal is to do actions that will be beneficial to people. That is the whole goal of a mature person’s life. If it is a grand project that will affect large numbers of people, the element of time must come into play and future people who may not even be born yet must be considered in the balancing of the major factors. But who are these people? What generalization might we make about their needs?

The past, present and future people are to be considered before we act. Generally, the past people are already represented by the ownership of property and money and will therefore already have a strong voice in any decision making. Presently living people will have some voice in the decision making, but only if they are aware of the fact that decisions are being made and they have some way to get the facts and some way to influence the decision. These two groups will have influence and will reap the rewards and costs of decisions in the immediate future. It is the young and the unborn who will be most affected by the decisions and it is they who have no influence.

It is because of their lack of influence that the idea of following the kindest paths to your goals is an important consideration. It is these unborn people who will be the interpreters in the future and it will be they who will judge the value of the actions of the current decision makers.

Those decisions that are being made by people with few motivations for mature wisdom and forethought, who are aimed at self-centered personal aggrandizement, will hurt the most people. These self-centered tyrants may be easily identified from afar because they leave a trail of suffering people who have been injured by their selfish actions.

Think ahead and be as kind to others as it is possible to be.