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It would seem better to propose that a wise person should “Expose people to good things they can do.” And not just “Expose people to things they can do.” The problem is that it is difficult to know what another person would choose to value as good or bad. Just telling a person to be good puts an imposition on them that they can not possibly fulfill because that would require them to view things precisely as you or some other person would see them. It’s the same problem with Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative. It is impossible to know perfectly what will be good or bad actions in future situations by anyone’s perception at this moment. Thus it is ridiculous to state any moral imperative idea in words has any real meaning. Okay, perhaps there is some occasional substantial meaning but it is usually bordering on a lucky arbitrary definition.

Can a good act ever be anything other than a momentary action that seems to be the right thing to person in the moment, or even a squirrel? In this last week I have counted four squirrels on the road that have made seemingly poor decisions and were squished by cars. Probably those squirrels thought they were making what they believed in the moment was the best decision. Perhaps if several seconds before it had chosen not to cross the road it would have been better off, but at that time it seemed like a good idea. Would Kant have crossed the road given that circumstance? In hindsight, it was a bad decision but in foresight, it might have been a good one and something totally unexpected caused the driver of the car to swerve. Perhaps a child chased a ball into the street and the driver swerved. How could a squirrel predict the child’s behavior or the driver’s or the future track of the car?

Decisions always come down to the moment of decision; how can it be otherwise? Sometimes, the decisions can be considered for a while, such as the timing as to when to cross a street and sometimes they must be made instantly, like when a car swerves unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s a bolt from the blue and there is no opportunity to even react instantly, let alone to react wisely. Rather than set up arbitrary Commandments, Laws, or Suggestions, perhaps it’s wiser to just expose tips to sentient beings and let them weigh all of the parameters themselves on how they will maximize the total life force of the Universe. Or, just ignore this whole thing and go watch TV.

Most of the time life just happens and death too.