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Some things in the future are as certain as certain can be for a human being. The usual answer to that prompt is death and taxes. And yet we have seen many people avoid taxes and still live like kings and presidents. Also, many people don’t pay any taxes at all because they are too poor, or too old, or too sick in some way.

That leaves death as undeniably inevitable because we are organic beings and many things about our flesh have built-in expiration dates. The magic of technology may figure out ways to restore the DNA’s telomeres and possibly that could double a few people’s lives but probably not. However, it is probably possible to make chip-based life forms that have reproductive capabilities, although it takes huge factories to even approximate living forms at present. But since natural selection has been able to hone life out of the environment without using any predictive intelligence and was a success using only a process which reproduces that which survives, it seems reasonable that coupled with human-driven intelligence something could be done to make a working life form.

Perhaps not, perhaps alternate life forms are impossible. The road forward in this endeavor would probably be to hijack some living forms, like viruses, to do some major parts of the construction of these new living chips’ physical bodies. The completed chip, or some community of them with alternate abilities, could do the various tasks at a viral level and then some portion of that community be tasked with assembling a final “living” product.

With modern CRISPR DNA manipulation, it seems possible to get living things to do almost any kind of assembling of proteins and then using these assemblages to make the final product’s self-reproducing entities. This whole process seems utterly speculative at the moment, but in a hundred years or perhaps a thousand, or perhaps even a billion years this kind of life may seem to have been inevitable. Once this type of life is functional, a billion years means very little to its life expectancy. These life forms will be functionally immortal, so if you have hallucinations of living forever it would make sense to team up with your non-biological friends and blend yourself into an assemblage of chips. Good luck with that fantasy.

A more practical use of the concept of preparing for the inevitable is to prepare for your own death.