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This life is our opportunity to do that which only we can do. I wrote that earlier as an addendum to my vision statement for the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades. It came rather trippingly off of my fingertips, and yet when I came back to it a while later it seemed poignant. It comes down the simple fact that we are the only people who can do what we do. I am the only person who is sitting at this keyboard so I am the only one who can type these thoughts at this time, and you are the only person right where you are and thus you are the only one who can be doing whatever it is that you are doing.

That seems too silly to state, and yet that is the situation every moment of our lives. These moments we are now filling with our consciousness are always the same moments. They are called now. Some of the moments turn out to be more significant when we look back from some distant perch, and yet in the moment they are almost always just simple little events.

My way of seeing these things is that it is physical actions that are the most important. Surely many thoughts are of great importance and we may even know they are important when we think them, but they are not meaningful until they are somehow expressed in actions outside of ourselves. That is why I often mention people who are waxing strong about the importance of having loving thoughts and insist that it doesn’t mean much until those loving thoughts are brought out into external reality as loving actions. And the most loving actions are not the ones that make the giver feel good, but the actions that are actually helping the person being “loved.”

Life is an opportunity to do loving actions for another living being and if those actions are helpful to that other being they are kind actions, but if those so-called loving actions are hurtful to that other person they are unkind actions.

Every moment you live is an opportunity to do kind actions.