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The last several days I have been having fun with creating a brochure for the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades. Most of the work was on the text and layout,  and I sought and received considerable assistance with refining my concepts for that aspect of the brochure. A totally different problem was the graphics to be used on the cover. That is an artistic problem and personal decision making. I did discuss the artistic issues with a retired professional graphic designer of national reputation, but when it came to the actual drawing I was on my own. Here below is what I made of the Classic Greek letter Alpha:A stylized Greek letter Alpha.
This Greek letter Alpha is derived from a stained glass window found high in the Old Stone Church here in Bend, Oregon. I think it was put into the wall about the time the church was built in 1912. The whole large window is worthy of an ancient European church, but at the time it was installed this town was a tiny outpost on the fringes of civilization.

I must admit that every pixel of this picture has been reworked by me with what I must confess to being an overactive use of my privilege of artistic license. It is a ragged exploration of what the concept of a visual searching into the spiritual realm might be interpreted to mean. I had fun creating the weird curls, textures, and play of light in this seemingly most prosaic and mundane of human creations. The form of the letter alpha is a protean symbol that must exist in trillions of iterations and multitudes of variations after three thousand years of use by a substantial portion of the earth’s population. That said, the alpha I have created above has got to be one of the stranger ones.

Anyway, the fun of this Alpha is in the tiny details.