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I am basically a scientifically minded person who seeks real-world answers to all problems. Ideas that can be tested and falsified, as is the current wording of the scientific aspirations, and thus approach reality as closely as possible with a word-bound description. That said, I have also been willing to explore the outer limits of other people’s experiences, even if they are considered totally insane. Probably all seven billion humans are somewhere between those opposites of contact with ultimate reality. For example, Albert Einstein was able to create better grasps of physical reality than everyone else, and a pretty good grasp of abstract descriptions of social reality too, but his personal social relations are reported to have been far less than ideal. Science and understanding isn’t the whole of coping with human reality.

That attitude was my personal starting point toward writing a prayer for the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades. That official nonprofit organization was on the verge of collapse a couple of months ago and rather than let it die I agreed to serve on the Board of Directors. Once there it was imperative that I accept an official position, so I chose to be the Vice President because it had the fewest immediate responsibilities. The group was in dire straits during this time because we were being forced to move out of our physical home of more than twenty years. The former officers were all disheartened with serving and have resigned. I was given the task of rewriting the Vision Statement and Group Mission. I have done that and so far have been receiving positive feedback on my efforts. Here is an example of my approach which I have read to atheists, degreed scientists and the spiritually minded. They all liked it. These seemingly intellectually opposed people liked the following “prayer.”

An Acknowledgment of Our Dependence on Reality

We thank the matter of the Universe that embodies us,

We thank the space of the Universe that contains us,

We thank the energy of the Universe that empowers us,

We thank the time of the Universe that permits our actions!

Reality gives us life for our use and for our pleasure.

We acknowledge, and feel gratitude for all that IT has given us.

That is an obvious statement of our relationship with reality.