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I watch my health carefully and try to identify and correct little problems before they become big ones. In this case, the problem is tiny, only pinhead size, and even I would ignore this tiny growth if it wasn’t inside the divot where a quarter-inch patch of squamous cell cancer was removed from the top of my right ear about a year ago. This type of cancer is the least dangerous and is usually only a superficial skin thing that grows slowly and usually doesn’t metastasize. All the same, it is best to have it removed if the dermatologist suggests that is the right thing to do in any given circumstance.

I was seeing my general practitioner yesterday about several minor things, like the pea-size Dupuytren’s disease lump in my right palm. I would never have discovered this little lump if 23andMe hadn’t revealed the possibility. That’s a long story but this is a common lump found in older north Europeans’ hands. Probably it will be scheduled to be given a direct injection of something that will suppress its growth.
The bigger concern is the presently minor cancer on my ear, and today I went in to have a photograph taken of it using one of those scopes like the doctors use to look into your ear coupled with a digital camera. They send the photos to some administrator somewhere in the noosphere for analysis and the okay to proceed with a treatment. Obviously, an onsite dermatologist could do a much better analysis than the noospherologist could do from a remote office, but procedures must be obeyed; after all George Orwell’s 1984 is long past and we now live in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

This was an opportunity to use my new invention with which I can take very close closeup pictures. Actually, since it was my ear I couldn’t do it, and I had to have Debbie line up the camera and press the button.A closeup photo of the top of an ear.

Closeup photo of the top of an ear.
Nice, closeup photo. Huh?!

Well, that tiny object isn’t a wart, so you can’t accuse me of being a worry wart.

Scamahorn right ear 2017-03-31 DSC08549 02 [Next day. I discovered this photo taken before the surgical removal. The angles are different in each photo, but it’s the same ear.]