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Yesterday my post concluded with …

By getting a thing done … my mind, emotions, time and other resources are available to get other things done. I am involved in some projects where there is incessant dithering by my companions, and that style of action leads to a degrading of anything interesting and eventual collapse of the venture. I am pressing to get those things into a done condition.

Getting things done in physical reality is the only thing that is useful.

I have been inflicted with some responsibilities that I did not seek. I could easily avoid them by simply walking away, as have the previous holders of these responsibilities. The big problem is that there is no purpose to the organization, there is no goal, there is no person who states anything clearly enough to even create a direction of possible action. There is some talk of sending out a survey to the withering and almost nonexistent membership with questions such as, “What would you like to see this group do?”

The recent track record of doing has consisted in asking outside people to come in and talk about their personal enthusiasms. But that isn’t the group doing anything! That isn’t our group having a purpose! That isn’t even a group, it’s only a near random gathering of people who happen to have nothing better to be doing at the time of the weekly meetings.

A group needs a unique name, a logo, and a leader who personifies a great idea that the group can be enthusiastic about.