Yesterday I blogged about Daniel, a friend of mine who was declared dead forty years ago at the scene of a motorcycle accident. Fortunately for him, the doctors in the emergency room shocked his heart back into action and were able to cope with the other injuries. Yesterday he appeared to be in perfect health and as I had posted a short story that included him I wanted to get his okay that I had written the story. I only mentioned his first name to protect his privacy, beyond his personal acquaintances who would, of course, recognize his photo. The usual coffee-shop gang of several old guys was limited to him so we talked at some length about the story and the dangers of riding motorcycles. I’m happy to say he approved of my story and the photograph, too.

He mentioned that he had taken a spill on his bicycle riding the six blocks over to our coffee shop when he hit a patch of ice and landed on his hip. That had happened only a few minutes before I arrived and he didn’t mention it right away but a half hour later while sitting it was beginning to swell and was bothering him.

We had then been talking about my invention for taking extreme close-up photos using an iPhone. I have made several mock-ups of my device using silver and was worried about the cost of manufacturing and selling a device made of silver. We were discussing using copper instead when he said he had some copper stored underneath his house that might fit my need. So I drove the roundabout auto route via one-way streets over there and he was waiting on his doorstep. I never asked but he obviously rode his bike back the short route.

He found what he considered scraps of copper and we cut them to the appropriately oversized pieces for me to work with for my invention. I’m trying to think of an appropriate gift to show appreciation for Daniel’s enthusiasm for my idea and his help in finding the suitable bits of stuff for the working mock-up.

A knowledgeable friend’s interest in one’s projects is the big payoff for creative endeavors.