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Like most of the tips from the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece, this one is simple and obviously good sense. The problem is that these ideas are so basic they are easily forgotten in the turmoil of everyday life. There are 147 of these tips so there are more than can be learned and practiced by a quick reading. What will work is to read them over once a day, and pause for a moment on one of them that relates to a current problem you are having or someone you have observed is having, and pause to think about how you might apply the tip to that problem. Then practice in your mind for a few moments your coping method. Ideally, we can do this in a group setting where we can actually do improv like simulations and practice various responses and watch others respond to the same problems. And then, while in this improv-group situation, practice a response. That is an easy way for you to form habits that you can use automatically when the situations where they would be applicable arise. Just generalized talking about good behavior doesn’t usually result in those kinds of actions when the spontaneous situations occur.

The sage tip #102, Keep your attention toward worthy goals. That is simple and it obviously has a good long-term effect on your relationship with your own behavior. Occasionally there will be times when you will pause to think if you should do some act or not do it. It is a form of the classic fork-in-the-road decision. Part of your decision at that moment could be asking does this path or that one support my worthy goals better. The question then becomes a little clearer if your most worthy goal is to help others live and live more abundantly. That seems to be in direct contradiction to most people’s attitude of me first, them last, always work for your own self-interest. But it may be observed that it is working for your own self-interest when you help others because it cultivates the habit of being helpful, and the person who is the most consistent recipient of that habit of helpful behavior is yourself.

Your most worthy goal thus becomes to be kind to others, and the feedback of that behavior is you are kind to yourself. It is a wonderful life you will live if the person you are closest to is a consistently kind person. From this perspective, you are in the ideal place to find and cultivate that person because that person is you. You are in charge of what that person believes, how they behave, and what situations they put themselves into so they can generate the best habits.

Cultivate having your attention focused on worthy goals like being kind to other people because it cultivates a karmic reward.