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My personal departure from the Old Stone Church will be Sunday the 31st of December 2017 because both of the organizations I still belong to, the Unitarians and the Spiritual Awareness Community, will have departed the church building for other venues on that date.

Welcome to the UUFCO

That’s me greeting at the Unitarian Universalists of Central Oregon (UUFCO) Bend, Oregon, on a typical Sunday morning.

That’s me in the tan jacket greeting people. Our UU congregation has doubled in size since leaving the Old Stone Church for a new home (shown above) in January of 2015. At that time I also stayed at the Old Stone Church to attend the evening Spiritual Awareness Community of Central Oregon meetings, also known by its initials as SAC. Two months ago SAC voted to accept the cash offered to us by the majority owner for our legal rights in perpetuity to some specified hours in that building, and we will vacate the building as of December 31, 2017. He now wants to sell the building, which will be easier for him to do without our legal claim to those hours. It is now for sale, and the building value is probably greater as property than as a church, and so it is in danger of being torn down and rebuilt as some more economically viable structure. I wanted to do something commemorating its century of service as a church and asked Ahonu to help with an appropriate event.

Old Stone Church, Bend, Oregon.

The north stained glass window in the Old Stone Church, Bend, Oregon.

It is beneath this window that Ahonu and I did the Sermon on the Mount reading in commemoration as a possible last religious service ever to be conducted in this beautiful old church building.

Here is an interview with Charles Scamahorn done by Ahonu in the Old Stone Church of Bend, Oregon, on Christmas Day, concluding with a reading of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This message is at the soul of Christianity and parts of this sermon are often quoted but it is rarely heard in its entirety.

A stained glass window omega

Is this the end of the Old Stone Church after a century of service to Bend?

Did this stylized stained glass Greek letter Omega watch over the last Christmas service? THE END. Or is the beginning of something NEW?