I was contacted several weeks ago by Renee who had the 23andMe gene test done in an effort to discover her father’s ancestry. That led her to my mother’s family name, which when she searched it on google came up with pictures on my blog that reminded her of her father. She sent me this picture to see if I agreed.

A photograph of Renee’s dad as a young man in Portland, Oregon, about 1951. Is this my brother?

This picture reminded me of my uncle, so I went ahead with the 23andMe genetic test. While waiting for the results I perused old family photos and found this one. They appear more like twin brothers than many identical twin brothers.

Glenn Eidemiller Jr.

Glenn Eidemiller Jr., my mother’s brother about 1939.

This picture was taken about 1939 in Homedale, Idaho. I went to 1st grade there two years later. I spent parts of most summers with this man on the family farms from 1939 thru 1964. My face looks more like my father’s face than either of these two.

The DNA from 23andMe was conclusive: Renee is my niece.