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This series of posts have made the very brief 147 statements of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece into action statements renamed Sage Tips to make it clearer what to do that will help you to probably live a more successful life. They are strategies and not directives, and I think of them as not even as compelling as suggestions but rather more vaguely as tips that will be helpful most of the time.

Sage tip #96, “Take very good care of your body and mind,” is stated more strongly than the former version, “Take good care of yourself.” It is stronger because everyone thinks they are taking good care of themselves even when they are consuming psychoactive substances, driving fast, skiing, eating and drinking to the max at parties. The added emphasis of “very good care” suggests making a habit of taking a moment to pause and reflect, when the question could be asked, does this action I am about to perform come under the heading “very good care” or does it have obvious dangers? Hopefully, the person would pause to think and ask themselves if a hit of cocaine, or another drink of alcohol they are about to consume is taking very good care of their mind and body. That would come under the general tip don’t be stupid, even once. Not even once to give it a try. There are plenty of people greatly experienced with various dangerous things who would advise you against the activity. The reason is that every bad habit, and good ones too, begin with a single voluntary action, and the rest is soon a habitual history.

Big troubles tomorrow begin with little pleasures today.