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I have known about the 23andMe gene sequencing service for several years but had never sent in my saliva for an analysis until last month. That came about because I received an email asking if any of my Eidemiller relatives had ever lived in Spokane, Washington. The father of a woman named Renee had been born there in 1933, and she was searching for her father’s parents. He had been adopted out shortly after his birth and there was no trace of the birth parents. Using the 23andMe gene testing and with some follow-up searching Renee discovered a possible link to the Eidemiller family. My mother’s maiden name is Eidemiller and I have posted several articles about the maternal side of my family.

I was born in 1935 in Spokane, and it was possible that my mother had a child before me but never mentioned it. She was the only Eidemiller that I know of that ever lived anywhere near that city. Renee and I exchanged a few photos and there was a clear family resemblance to my mother’s brothers. There would be expected to be even more similarity to me if he was my brother or half-brother. The photos don’t remind me of my father or his brother, so at a glance it would seem more likely Renee’s dad was my half-brother. We will have to check that with a more careful look at our DNA charts. At the moment I doubt if we are full brothers because the 23andMe analysis said Renee and I are of the same percentage relations as cousins and that would be the same as if she was the daughter of my half-brother.

A photograph of Renee’s dad as a young man. Portland, Oregon.

Charles Scamahorn - Probaway

Charles Scamahorn 1959 when a jet pilot in the USAF.

Charles Scamahorn as a youth

Charles Scamahorn about age 4 with a similar expression to Renee’s father.

Getting a brother at age 82 is a fantastic Christmas present.