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This last month was spent working on restoring the Leonardo da Vinci painting called Salvador Mundi. That took so much time that I hadn’t worked much on the Being Kind book but it was discussed quite a bit in my conversations. The ideas are subtlely different than other diet and self-help books, but the difference makes all the difference. I know these ideas work because they have clearly worked for me. Yes, I know everyone says that, but it is like pain and my pain is different because it hurts. On that subject, I did print out my pain chart and gave one to the podiatrist who is treating my Morton’s neuroma in the balls of my feet. I hadn’t realized that so much time had gone by since I published that chart. I should send it to the CDC because their standard pain chart is far too vague to be of much value.

Click on the detailed chart below or click PDF below to attain readability.

Pain Scale Intensity Measurement – click for a larger .GIF chart.

Probaway Pain Scale - PAINS

Pain Scale – For measuring the intensity of human pain and suffering

Pain Scale Intensity Measurement Chart – click here for a printable .PDF.
Print that chart and then you can track some specific injury over time and note the various treatments as time progresses.

Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace and time flies bye bye.