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With the world as it is and the multitudes of people who exist, you will encounter people who are, let us say, less than paragons of virtue and good sense. It is appropriate to help everyone, even those who appear to have everything, and those who are like yourself, and those who are lacking in all life support. Tip # 56 is to Start off with friendly greetings with everyone. That means everyone, even people who consider themselves to be your enemies and who will soon be contending with you in hostile ways. If you knew them well you would find that nearly all of their goals and aspirations are very similar to yours and thus you have many things which you value in common. If you begin your encounter thinking about these mutual relationships, there is a good chance that you can reach a mutually beneficial agreement and become friends and compatriots. When you both realize that a conflict will result in one of you losing a great deal and the so-called winner also losing quite a lot, it makes sense to find something that will be beneficial to both of you.

That being said, it is obvious that there will arise situations where that mutually beneficial strategy won’t work. As a general rule, those people with whom a common ground cannot be found will be easy to identify. They can be identified from afar as being unkind. They are unkind to everyone, even their associates. They will leave a trail of broken promises and failed relationships, and possibly even a history of legal problems based on failure to keep their promises. When that is the kind of person you will be encountering it is best not to arouse those tendencies in their behavior and to quietly follow Sage tip # 85,

Walk away from arrogance and insolence.