I am a member of a group which has rented a space for one day per week adequate for lecturing to about sixty people. This group needs the space for only three hours per event and so there is a potential opportunity for using the space at other times during the day for other things. My interest is in doing a long series discussing various philosophers and life philosophies.

This series could include the 120 Philosophers I have already written blogs about. The 147 tips for a good life from Delphi Oracle’s Seven Sages would be good for many discussion topics. The many blogs I’ve written on health subjects, my most hit-collecting posts, should be good subjects for interesting conversations. Also, it would be challenging for many people to discuss the subject of lying from the perspective of the Stoic Epictetus’s Paragraph 52. Also, I could easily discuss the ACE-PCE chart for an hour. Also, there are the PAIN scale and the Happiness Scale that are worth discussing.

What I am thinking is that it would be very easy for me to do an hour or two lecture once a week, and the availability of this venue might be very productive for exploring each of those ideas in greater depth because of the input from those self-selected people who have a preexisting interest in the subject.

I proposed the possibility of doing this series and it was immediately nixed by the facilitator, but then one after another many of the people present said they really liked the idea and some said they wanted to pursue their own possible group meetings. That was very helpful because on my own I don’t think the idea would have been accepted because it was outside of the current concept of what the existing group is about. This was an example of …

Sage tip # 111, Say YES quickly to opportunities.