Debbie and I have had a close relationship with Clancy for the last six months. We visit with him twice a day for a chat and almost always share a short meal. He lives in a three-acre pasture directly across the street and when we come out of our house he walks over to the fence to greet us. We live in the old orchard district of Bend, Oregon, and there are quite a few apple trees still surviving in our now residential neighborhood. On our daily walks we have been able to collect reasonably fresh apples that have fallen from the trees in people’s yards and give them to Clancy.

A woman and a horse

This view is from our driveway of Debbie and Clancy.

A woman named Debbie and a horse named Clancy

Debbie and our friend Clancy

A horse and a woman

Clancy likes apples and Debbie likes giving them to him.

A woman throws a kiss to a horse.

I don’t think they ever actually kissed, but I worry.

A photo of a horse with a broken leg.

Today, Clancy was running and made a sharp turn and broke his leg.

A minute after giving Clancy a snack we were talking to his owner over the fence. Clancy had wandered away but after a bit he galloped by stirring up quite a lot of dust. I thought it was a playful action at that moment, but when he approached the fence to our left he made a sudden turn and with a loud bang his leg broke and he fell. He was able to get up but as the picture shows the leg was totally nonfunctional. Apparently, with so much weight on such relatively small legs, a broken one is impossible to fix and the horses are put down. The truck showed up an hour later and took Clancy away.

I have been very sad all day.