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Back on April 4, 2017, I rewrote the ACE test in a positive way and named it the Positive Childhood Experience test (PCE test.) The object was to present a simple set of rules for human behavior that would help people to live better lives themselves and help their children to live better lives too. That has been the goal of this Probaway – Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully.

Adverse Childhood Experiences versus Positive Childhood Experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences versus Positive Childhood Experiences (ACE versus PCE)

Also on this blog, you may read my rewrite of Epictetus – Enchiridion, which is the Stoic view of how to live a good life. That may be released in the not too distant future in a paper form of media.

Also, there is reasonable progress on my book, Love Your Life – A Way to Approach Health and Happiness, which is in part a rewrite of the 147 Suggestions by the Seven Sages of Greece.

There are many other postings on this blog with the general theme of living a good life, but there is a downside to writing about mature behavior. After thinking about ways that people should behave and seeing the benefits of their behaving well, it is depressing to see how poorly so many people do behave.

A case in point happened yesterday when at a clearly marked four-way STOP intersection a car drove through at near highway speed immediately in front of me. I have almost gotten used to people going through stop signs at fifteen miles per hour, which is a flagrant flaunting of the law, but yesterday’s event was a truly dangerous act for the driver’s well-being and the lives of all the people at that intersection. It sets me to wondering if this kind of behavior has been precipitated by the model of a President who so flagrantly disregards other people’s rights. Driving has become noticeably more precarious this last year, and several people have commented on that problem at my social gatherings. I mentioned this to my City Council friend and she is going to discuss it with the Chief of Police. My suggestion seems to be about as much input as is available to me at the moment, but people have been getting killed in “accidents” here, and it will be interesting to see the year-end statistics.

Have I become sensitized to these kinds of behaviors because of thinking too much about them and am I over-reacting to normal behavior?

It is easy to identify kind behavior and easy to be kind and that kind of action makes everyone happier.