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Clockwork Purple November 27, 2017. Bend, Oregon, writers’ group prompt selected unseen from …

The Poet Prince by Kathleen McGowan

The randomly chosen line is from … Page 14, Line 14

“Do you not think that God wants this ?”

Alexa, set the timer for 45 minutes … 10:56

“Do you think God wants this?” That sentence popped into my mind again, as it often did, when I was sitting on top of Grizzly Peak looking out over the San Francisco Bay. For five years in the 1980s, I ran twice a week to this place from my home below Sacramento Avenue in Berkeley, California. It was about twelve hundred feet up and ten miles by street and trail to the top. Usually, it took about fifty minutes to make the run. I always ran it at close to my fastest possible time, so when I sat down I was near exhaustion and breathing heavily. My pulse rate was usually about 180 beats per minute, which was way above my morning rate of 45. Yes, I was in great shape at that time and had run several marathons. My times were not great for those events, about three hours and forty-five minutes, but I did finish. I would burn out at about twenty-three miles and would be forced to slow to almost a walking speed. That’s not uncommon for marathon runners. They like to say, anyone in good shape can run twenty miles; it’s the last six miles, three hundred and eighty-five yards that are difficult.

About five hundred times I was there looking out over that world-famous San Francisco Bay Area and because there was a locked gate a quarter of a mile below the summit, to prevent cars from coming up to the radio towers, I had the view all to myself. The only other visitors were birds, occasionally a deer, once a fox, and once what appeared to be a cougar a goodly distance away. Usually, Grizzly Peak was all mine, the San Francisco Bay was all mine and needless to say I had many pleasant moments on that spot.

“Do you not think God wants This?” It was so magnificent! There below me was not only a beautiful view but many beautiful people, and I had the good fortune to know many of the most famous among those millions. I would marvel at the diversity of the people and what they had done. Right there below me were people whom I knew, who had created marvels, and still were. Who had created disasters and still were, who had founded world movements, and still were, who had done appallingly stupid things and still were! Who had made the world a better place, and a worse one, too!

“Do you think God wants This?” or “Do you not think that God wants This, and this, and this and this?” Yes! I have to say God wants all of this. Didn’t he say in the Bible, there in Isaiah 45:6-7, “I created this, all of this; I created the good, I created the bad. I created everything,” and therefore, I being a mortal man and not an immortal being, must simply agree with God and say, and say with all of my possible heartfelt enthusiasm …

Thank you, God, for creating … THIS!!!