Out of the void of Tao,
A unity is born;
This unity generates its opposite, and
A duality is formed:
This duality is unified, and
A third existence comes into being;
These processes repeat themselves
Over, and over, and over again, and
Out of these three kinds of action,
The visible universe is formed.
The universe which now exists thus contains
Void forces, opposing forces, and unifying forces, and
Through their interaction, the all-pervading harmony resounds.

People hate to be seen as orphaned, friendless and unable
However, princes refer to themselves as such; for
Things are added to when called insufficient, and
Things are subtracted from when called excessive.

Since ancient times sages taught the following maxim, and
It lies at the invisible core of this Tao also:
“Strong and violent things attract destruction.” And
Attraction is at the core of this method.