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Clockwork Purple November 20, 2017, Bend, Oregon writers’ group.

Random book – The History Of God, by Guy Needler

Unseen random page by Ahonu 28, Aingeal chose line 10

We agreed upon, “I will refer to this entity in the masculine”

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Confusion has reigned for a decade now, here in the English-speaking world, as to the sex of people. For a hundred years now we have been trying to equalize the legal and social rights of women and men. Equal voting rights were instituted here in the United States and that no doubt helped to level the legal world, but the social world is still skewed. The literary people of our country a couple of decades ago decided to change our language in an effort to make neutral pronouns for people. This created one form of confusion which still dogs us and many writers now insert the word she, whereas a few decades ago the word man would have been absolutely standard in every grammar book. Others thought there should be a new smashed-together word to combine he, she, and it. Unfortunately, that became he-she-it which would be pronounced, he shit. That word failed to gain traction. It was hoped that after the public became comfortable with it as a word associated with those pronouns instead of bodily excretions, that everything would proceed smoothly. That hope was made a total failure because the standup comics just couldn’t get past the odoriferous implications. No other word was attempted. We now have developed the convention of frequently referring to all people as she instead of he.

One convention used by writers is to totally avoid the problem by omitting all references to generalized people, and they only refer to the sex of people when that is appropriately defined as an individual person of acknowledged gender. The masculine generalization of the group in NFL football players is not a problem because all of them are masculine, but when speaking of American military personnel it is a problem.

Our current political situation is a huge step backward on this issue of word usage because of the ugly manipulation of the voting system. With our democracy and its values of fairness toward all minorities being violated by the people with the most power, we of the general population must struggle even to reassert our Constitutionally given right of fairness from our government. Sad!

What has been forced upon us — I will refer to this entity in the masculine — has been known for decades as “The Man”. That term refers to the evil aspect of those who have grabbed the power to rule over others, over us, over me, over you. Now is the time that we must reassert ourselves and take back the responsibility for our own well-being. We must not only vote, we must take responsibility for supporting the healthy aspects of our society and identifying the corrupt portions of it so we do not give “The Man” any power. I will refer to this entity in the masculine, The Man. We must all struggle against The Man even when He is inside of us, and even when he is only part of the pronoun as in the word Woman.

Every woman must also struggle with “The Man” inside of her.