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My MeetUp photography club did a presentation on macro photography last month and we were asked to bring in an example of what we had learned.

Macro photo of Washington on dollar bill

Macro photo of my thumb on Washington’s $1 bill.

Washington's eye on $1 bill

A closer macro photo of Washington’s eye on $1 bill

A photo of a drop of water

A view through a drop of water slowly running through other smaller drops of water. Reworked a bit.

These photos were intended as test pictures for our group’s beginners experiments. The equipment used for their demo were 35mm size cameras and the special additional macro equipment cost thousands of dollars. I don’t have one of those high-end setups so I used a clip-on lens on my iPhone. It cost $16 and gave some interesting pictures as seen above.

I failed to get the image stacking software to work well so I avoided the depth-of-field problem and just shot some flat subjects for the class project. I spent only an hour trying to get multiple pictures for the depth-of-field blending but had to go to a dinner engagement. The program has an overabundance of options, each of which needed adjusting, and I ran out of time.

I wonder what the other “students” will bring to our macro photography meeting?