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Debbie’s and my weights are near our aim points. These goals are now a little arbitrary because we are both so near the ideal BMI of 23.41, which I once calculated out from some life expectancy charts. On that J-shaped curve the zone around the bottom is nearly flat so the ideal for a given person, assuming it could ever be determined precisely, might be a point or so either above or below that number.

Another number was hit today on my iPhone Weight-Guru app, which is linked to my electronic bathroom scale. I have lost exactly 20 pounds in the last ten months. We both lost close to two pounds per month without the slightest annoying effort and mostly by just playing little games. The primary game is timing our meals. As I have explained elsewhere we started by not eating after 8 PM nor before 8 AM, then soon moved it up to 7 PM to Noon, and then for several months to a more positive approach of an eating window of noon to 6 PM. Even that was easy because our stomachs and bodies had gotten used to always eating to the full during those hours and not eating anything at other times. No snacks and no caloric drinks! Choosing to eat all foods during a specific well-defined period is far easier than trying to keep track of some strange diet plan.

This procedure was helped early on by creating the supermarket checkout line procedure. You can do it right now. Imagine standing there waiting in line and instead of picking up some easily available candy, holding our your hand and pushing away those candies with your palm. Close your eyes and do that now. It’s that easy; so when you have succeeded with that little game, intentionally physically smile and say to yourself something like, “I choose not to do things that are not good for me.” That easy procedure when done occasionally will have spillover into other habits you choose to control.

A food problem for me was at public events where there was a pile of free food, including various cakes, pies, and lots of other tempting stuff. Now when I see those things I do the grocery checkout line procedure in my mind and quietly walk away and get some coffee and find a conversation. It works every time and when I leave the event my stomach feels good.

Today’s new diet plan is to expand the eating time a half hour on both ends. Now we will limit our eating to between 11:30 AM and 6:30 PM. Such a small adjustment will be easy to the point of being unnoticed by our bodies but it will ease some of the timings of our social events.

Controlling our bodily weight this way was easy.