Love Your Life has a multitude of little problems that need to be worked out before the big problems can be exposed and grappled with. Fortunately, there are lots of opportunities for working with little problems and these are the training episodes for the occasional big ones. Much of life is just things happening that we must cope with and usually that is just routine stuff, but occasionally some things are more challenging. It is obvious that nearly everything about our lives involves a large dollop of luck. We didn’t have anything to do with the time or place where we were born and wish as we might we didn’t choose our parents or the material things or social values they brought to us.

Most of what we have was the gift of the Universe and the evolutionary processes of life itself. When you start studying even the simplest life forms it is astonishing how complex they are, and yet as complex as they are they lack what we like to call spirit. It requires that we have a verbal language to even have the slightest idea what the concept of spirit might be. All living things have their life force but without language and a developed culture, it is unlikely that anyone would fuss over invisible problems. But we humans do develop ideas out of our hopes and fears that have little basis in the physical reality that we are immersed within.

The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece knew and stated it succinctly with their tip #77. Accept random luck as random luck. When either unexpected good luck or bad luck comes along we tend to impute a causal relationship linking what we have done to that fortuitous event. But the illustrations above about our great general luck that lets us come into existence are equally applicable to our mundane existence. Thus, it is easier on our emotional development to …

Accept random luck as random luck.