There is presently a lot of news on opioid use here in the US. The medical establishment and the legal drug manufacturers are being blamed for this problem because of their pushing so many opioids that normal people treating temporary pain become addicted to their savior. Another popular pain suppressant is alcohol, which takes a decade or two to become fully addictive but once it does it is destructive of the personality. Wikipedia has an article on Substance dependence based on a Lancet study. Physical dependence by severity is, in decreasing order: heroin, tobacco, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, and ecstasy.

I like tobacco and would love to have a cigarette after dinner, but I discovered after many trials, where I was off of smoking for over a month, that I am addicted. A single cigarette and I will be up to a pack a day in a month. Therefore, I haven’t had a single cigarette in about fifty years. Having lived in Berkeley, CA, where there was easy access to those other drugs, and knowing my problem with tobacco, I just avoided them. Some people I knew died one way or another from their use.

Some behaviors are harder to label irresistible but are probably just as corrosive to wellbeing in the long run. It appears to me that these things are also related to short-term pleasure as an escape from pain that leads to addictions. They begin as innocent pleasures and pleasant feelings based on speculations of some kind of wonderful fantasy being an easily obtained reality. A belief that by cultivating the fantasy to a deeper and more intense level the believer will have a breakthrough and reach a sustained higher level of experience. If they are totally dedicated to their belief they will achieve a permanent state of ecstasy.

It would seem that everyone is living some irresistible life fantasy because it became available and they chose to drink it in.