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Debbie and I have been doing an intermittent fasting diet for about ten months. The softness of the date is because we drifted so slowly into our diet routine that there wasn’t really a precise date. However, we both have been losing about two pounds per month and we have suffered neither hunger to speak of nor any other unpleasant symptoms of bodily neglect. It strikes me as strange that when I google intermittent fasting there are such strange things that are presented under that search. Our form of intermittent fasting is simplicity itself. It is very similar to the standard way of eating here in the United States when I was a child. Eat breakfast before going to school, or work, eat lunch about noon and eat supper after school, or work, about six in the afternoon. That’s it. We ate whatever was presented until we were full, and our stomach did the decision making, not our head. If you look at photographs of people at that time nearly all of them appear trim, whereas nowadays when I see TV man-on-the-street interviews outdoors I watch the background people walking by and there are lots of overweight people. What’s the difference?

People are snacking whenever they feel a hunger pang, and drinking calorie-laden beverages often and drinking and eating while watching TV. After living much like everyone else I started jogging in 1971 and routinely ran from below Sacramento Avenue in Berkeley to the top of Grizzly Peak about 1200 feet up. My usual route was about twelve miles. I made that run one hundred times a year for five years and then started running the Berkeley high school track a couple of time a week for several years. In 2004 I moved to El Cerrito where it was inconvenient for me to jog and I stopped. All those years running I weighed about 175 pounds and after I stopped running that slowly went up to 190, which gave me a BMI of 27. Not bad for a guy in his late 70s by that time, but last year it seemed like a good idea to drop back to what I discovered to be an ideal BMI of 23.41. That is where I am now but a problem arose. That BMI is based on my age 25 height and I have shrunk an inch so my BMI calculations need to be adjusted a bit, and I must lose a few more pounds to compensate for my shrinkage.

Our intermittent fasting diet is so easy to do that I’m not concerned about achieving a few more pounds dip or of keeping off the excess weight beyond my goal. In the book I am presently writing, Love Your Life, there will be a short spread on our form of intermittent dieting. I’m sure it will be a great success because it is so easy to do and it works. There are lots of other diets, but it is obvious that they don’t work well because half a trillion dollars are being spent on dieting at present and the public is gaining weight. If even one of those diets really worked everyone would soon hear about it and do it. But that isn’t happening, so because …

This form of intermittent dieting works so well it will become popular.